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Message from Chairman Teruya Koei on the cancellation of the Europe Seminar 2020

We have a message from Teruya Sensei on the cancellation of the 2020 seminar.

Dear OGKK members 

  Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the world, claiming many lives. I know you are making every effort to keep yourself safe.

  We are feeling sorry about the cancellation (or suspension?) of the Europe seminar 2020 in Portugal caused by the coronavirus.

   I heard the cancellation was discussed and determined with Onaga Sensei, which I do believe was a hard decision to make. 

   Vitor Sensei and his students were trying hard to organise the seminar. But we all will be incredibly resilient and OGKK would like to help you explore all options to organise the seminar in the future.

   Nobody can predict when this spread can be stopped. So the cancellation is correct. Also I would like all Karate students to suspend coming to Okinawa.


  This is a challenging time. We all can live through it.


  Thank you.


Teruya Koei

Chairman of OGKK