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New Year’s Greetings 2022

New Year’s Greetings 


Dear Members 


Happy New Year! I pray from the bottom of my heart that 2022 will ba happy year for all of you. 

The cases of Covid-19, since 2019, were reducing but the variant of Omicron have been increasing in Japan. Due to the Omicron variant, OGKK dojos in Okinawa have made training hours shorter and students have been decreasing. I expect OGKK dojos to continue to work on preventive measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

Under such circumstances, Kenkyukai and Championship of OGKK were cancelled. Some of you have been made to avoid coming to Okinawa. Some seminars, especially in Europe, have been postponed in many parts of the world. 

It’s hard to get together in person. OGKK plans to have an online seminar in order to train together at the same time. 

 It’s very sad that Minei Nanko Sensei passed away. We have lost another Grand Masters from the day of the foundation of OGKK. 

 2022 will mark the 53th year of OGKK and it will have been 70 years since Miyagi Chojun Sensei passed away. OGKK has the fourth and the fifth generation from the foundation. You can see students train together from the junior to the senior together. 

2023 will mark the 50th anniversary of Gojun kan Karate dojo Onaga by Onaga sensei in Spain. OGKK would like to hold a grand seminar celebrating the anniversary with many students. 

The 1st Okinawa Karate World Junior Tournament and the 2nd Okinawa Karate World Tournament will be held. Okinawa Prefecture have been delivering messages on Okinawa out to the world for Okinawa Karate UNESCO Listing. 

 It seems the Covid-19 pandemic will continue. I expect all of you to make every effort to continue training with patience and steadiness with preventive measures against Covid-19. 

We wish you all wonderful 2022. Cheers to 2022 and beyond. 


Teruya Koei 

Chairman of OGKK